Find out more about what this Community Partners group is doing to help the abused and neglected children of their community below.

ID   26
Region   6
County Name   Montgomery
City Name   Conroe
Site Name   Conroe
Name of Organization   Community Partners of Montgomery County
Contact Person   Dolfia Hearn
Address   2017 N.Frazier, Conroe, TX 77304
Phone   936-447-1370
Email Address   dolfia@consolidated.net

Community Partners of Montgomery County


The mission of Community Partners of Montgomery County is to assist and aid children and their families with necessary items such as: hygiene products, cleaning supplies, clothing, food and school supplies. 

Community Partners of Montgomery County is located at: 

2017 N. Frazier, Conroe, TX  77301

Contact: Dolfia Hearn, 936-447-1370

Every night many children in Montgomery County go to bed in foster homes or emergency shelters.  They have been removed from their homes because they have been neglected or abused-- physically, emotionally and sadly, too often, sexually.  Many times when Child Portective Services (CPS) caseworkers enter a home, they find families living in deplorable conditions:  children sleeping on the floor or sharing a mattress if they are lucky, little food, few clothes, dirt and trash everywhere.

When they are removed it is usually an emergency and there is not advanced notice and it can be done at any hour of the day or night.  Most often there is not time to collect the meager belongings the child has.  The child or children are brought to Child Protective Services by the caseworkers, and in many cases the child has no clothes, is filthy and hungry.  Community Partners of Montgomery County is designed to meet these important needs.

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Community Partners of Montgomery County has the following programs helping children:

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is an emergency resource center that distributes new items, such as clothing, diapers, formula, hygiene products, lice treatment, cleaning supplies and food, as well as toys and books to clients of CPS caseworkers free of any overhead or administrative costs.

The most basic needs of a family in crisis are often unavailable, and caseworkers typically cannot provide the necessities from their personal resources.  With the introduction of the Rainbow Room, assistance with basic needs becomes available.  This is instrumental in keeping families together through traumatic times and can be equally critical in developing a helping relationship between workers and client families.

Wish List

1.  Cash and/or a monetary donation/Gift Cards

2.  Baby Items: Boy and Girl  Newborn to 24 months:
blankets & sheets                   toys & children's books
diapers-disposable                  baby gates
wipes/bibs                               strollers/high chairs
bottles                                     shoes/sneakers
child cups                                car seats/booster seats
lotion                                     pack-n-plays and/or baby cribs w/mattress
baby shampoo                        dresses - for girls
diaper ointment                       formula
play pens                                 coats/jackets for cold weather
child safety locks                     llice shampoo
clothing - underwear, sleepwear, pants/jeans,shirts, socks

3.  Children/Young Adult Items:  Boy & Girl ages 2 to size 16/age 18:
shoes/sneakers                fleece blankets & regular sheets/pillows/cases
shirts/blouses                   crayons and/or coloring pencils
shorts                               lice & regular shampoo
pants/jeans                      combs and brushes
socks                                games, puzzles, coloring books
underwear                        toys - for boys & girls
sleepwear                         school supplies
dresses - for girls             portable single size beds w/mattress
back packs                        tricycles/bicycles
non-perishable food items - canned goods
coats/jackets for cold weather
toiletry items - tooth paste/tooth brushes, etc.
books for young adults boy/girl

Please note ALL donated items MUST be in NEW condition ONLY!!

Volunteer Opportunities

Assist with annual Rainbow Room Inventory

Grant Writing assistance

Marketing of Rainbow Room Project

Projects requiring computer skills

Help organize and shelve items for the Rainbow Room

Conduct a diaper or formula drive

Conduct a toy drive for Christmas

To Volunteer or for more information, contact:

Dolfia Hearn




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